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Hear about this retrospective album from one of the most prolific writers in the LDS music industry — “When I Can’t Speak: The Music of Tyler Castleton” in a Cricket and Seagull interview with Steven Kapp Perry.

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The newest boy band to explode onto the pop music scene, Beyond 5, celebrated their U.S. concert debut and the release of their first album in Provo, Utah at the Utah Valley Convention Center November 9th. Beyond 5 is a five-member boy band consisting of…

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“Again” sheet music from the inspiring album “When I Can’t Speak”


That’s What You Do

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The Song Remembers When …

Late last night I was driving home from my office, flipping through radio stations (does anyone listen to the radio anymore??) when I landed on an 80′s station as the song “The Way It Is” by Bruce Hornsby started playing.  Instantly I was taken back more than 20 years, to a place and time I haven’t thought about in forever.  I was a carefree 16 year-old in small-town Idaho, driving my dad’s old green Ford pickup, racing home on a deserted country road at midnight, hoping desperately to make my curfew.

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